As the moon passes through its phases, the ebb and flow of its energy wash through you like the coming and  going of tides. When you tap into the moons tempo and plan the events of your life in tune with its rhythm, you feel more centred and balanced, and every aspect of life will be in harmony with nature's music. This advance cosmic science was thought to the world thousands of years ago by the great Indian mystics

Thithi is the lunar date, or the time it takes for the longitudinal angle between the moon and the sun to increase by 12°. Tithis commence at varying times of a day and differ in duration from approximately 19 to 26 hours.

There are 30 Tithis in each lunar month, are named as




Prathama        [ Pratima ]
*    worship - Lord Kubera 
             Best Activities    - Interior Design, Renovations, Planning & Developing Strategies for Projects 
             Worst Activities - Any Auspicious Events Journey 
Dhithiya          [ Dwitiyai ]
*   worship - Lord Vivadeva
             Best Activities    - Marriage, Viewing Moon, Buying Wedding Ring, Installation of Deities 
             Worst Activities - Conflicts and Disputes 

Thruthiya       [ Tritiyai  ]

*   worship - Lord Siva
             Best Activities    - House Warming, Constuction of Buildings, Starting Education, Learning Music and Arts
             Worst Activities - Conflicts and Disputes

Chathurthi    [ Chathurthi ]

*   worship - Lord Ganesha
             Best Activities    - Overcoming Obstacles, Developing Strategies Against Rivals & Competitiors
             Worst Activities - Any Auspicious Even

Panchami      [Panchami ]

*   worship - Lalitha Tripura Sundari
             Best Activities    - Cradle Cermony, Marriage Celebration, Instalation of Deities
             Worst Activities - Any Harmful or Destructive Activities
    Shashti         [ Shasti  ]

    *     worship - Lord Muruga
                 Best Activities    - Fasting for Lord Muruga, Starting New Employment, Purchasing Valuables
                 Worst Activities - Conflicts & Disputes 

    Sapthami       [Saptami ] 

    *     worship - Lord Surya
                 Best Activities    - Construction of Buildings, Cultivation of Crops, Marriage Celebration
                 Worst Activities - Conflicts & Disputes 

    Ashtami        [Ashtami ]   

    *     worship - Goddesses Pratyangira, Durga , Kali   and [  Varahi ]
                 Best Activities    - Worship Goddesses Pratyangira, Durga & Varahi, Ancestral Ritual(Tarpanam)
                 Worst Activities - All Auspicious Activities Medical Treatment Negotiations 

    Navami        [ Navami ]

    *     worship - Goddesses Saraswathi
                 Best Activities    - Activities agains Enemies, Rivals & Competitors
                 Worst Activities - All Auspicious Events, Journey, Negotiations 

    Dashami      [ Dasami ]

    *     worship - Lord Veerabhadra
                 Best Activities    - All Auspicious Events, Startiing New Ventures, House Warming
                 Worst Activities - Disputes, Ligitation

    Akadasi         [ Ekadasi ]

    *       worship - Lord Vishnu
                 Best Activities    - Fasting to Lord Vishnu, Marriage, Commence Trading
                 Worst Activities - Disputes, Ligitation, Conjugal Ecstasy

    Dhodasi       [ Dwadasi ] 

    *       worship - Lord Vishnu 
                Best Activities    - Planning & Developing Strategies for Projects, Donating to Charities , Monetary Gains 
                Worst Activities - Unplanned Spending

    Thrayodasi   [Triodasi  ]

    *     worship - Lord Siva
                Best Activities    - Pradoshama Rituals, Writing New Books, Learning Dance, Remedies to Attain Prosperity
                Worst Activities - Conflicts & Disputes 

    Chathurdasi [ Chaturdasi ]

    *    worship - Lord Rudra
                Best Activities    - Worshiping Rudra
                Worst Activities - Eating Non-Vegetarian Foods, Conflicts & Legitation, Journey
     Poornnachadran [ Poornima ]
      *      worship - Lord Arunachala 
                  Best Activities    - All Auspicious Events, Purchasing of Valuables, Food Donation, Meditation 
                  Worst Activities - Conjugal Ecstasy, Eating Non-Vegetarian Food