Rudraksha for various Rashi

Rudraksha is divine bead given by Lord Shiva.
The tears from lord Shiva eyes dropped in some places of earth, and produced Rudraksha trees.
A symbol of spirituality and mystic power, having electromagnetic power and it affects both the physical and logical body of the human being while it is on the body

Rudraksha for various Rashi as per Vedic text is given below.
Mesha Rashi ————– Two Face Rudraksha.

Vrishabha Rashi ———-  Six  Face Rudraksha
Mithuna Rashi————    Four Face Rudraksha
Karka/Kataka Rashi —-    Five Face Rudraksha
Simha Rashi ————-    Seven Face Rudraksha
Kanya Rashi ————-    Three Face Rudraksha
Tula Rashi —————     Nine Face Rudraksha
Vrischika Rashi ———–  Ten Face Rudraksha
Dhanur Rashi ———–    Eleven Face Rudraksha
Makar Rashi ————     One Face Rudraksha
Kumbha Rashi———-    Fourteen Face Rudraksha
Meena Rashi ———–    Twelve Face Rudraksha