Sarpam dosham or Nagam Dosham-*Analyam

Sarpam dosham or Nagam Dosham- Analyam

Sarpam dosham or Nagam Dosha is caused due to wrath of the Serpent God in previous birth.
Due to Sarpa dosham, marriages are delayed or ruined, Progeny may be denied, miscarriages/Abortion will occur.
Sarpam/Nagam Dosham is different from Kal Sarpa Yogam/Dosham, Many astrologers/writers have written about Kal Sarpa Yogam/Dosham. I will not talk about Kal Sarpa Yogam/Dosham but only about Sarpam /Nagam Dosham
Today I will be give important informations about Sarpam/Nagam Dosham.
Sarpam Dosham delays marriage and also delays progeny/children.
Let us examine planetary combinations in the birth chart indicating Sarpam/Nagam Dosham.
1. When Kethu or Rahu is Placed in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th house Indicate Sarpam/Nagam Dosham
2. Women suffering from Sarpam/Nagam Dosham will have children after conducting Pooja of Nagam Devatha.
3. When Kethu or Rahu is placed in 1st or 2nd House, Indicate delay in marriage, If the person is married, creates problems in family life and some times leads to divorce or separation.
4. Kethu or Rahu in 5th house leads to delay in getting children/Progeny and also leads to abortions. Also Rahu aspect on 5th house also indicate Sarpam/Nagam Dosham.
Naga Prathistapana at any Naga temple should be done for getting children.
5. Kethu or Rahu in 7th house Leads to problems in family life, misunderstandings, frequent quarrels, wife/Husband will have Health problems etc.
6. Kethu or Rahu in 8th house Indicate Health problems of wife or Husband, skin disease etc.
The person suffering from Sarpam/Nagam dosham will see Snakes/Serpents in their dream. That is a clear Indication of Sarpam dosham.
Remedies for Nagam Dosham: -
1. Visit the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, Subrahmanya Near Mangalore, Karnataka and perform Nagam dosham parihara Pooja,( Sarpasamskara Pooja). They perform for 2 days.  They charge around Rs.1600. But in Kukke Subrahmanya, they allow only 4 Persons.
2. or Visit Tirunageswaram , near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and perform Sarpam dosham parihara Pooja. People with nagam dosham do parihara in this Navagraha sthal by donating a stone nagam idol. They Charge around Rs.1000
3. or Visit Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh ( Sree Kalahasthiwaraswamy) and do Sarpam Dosham Nivarana Pooja, You need to do Pooja only during Rahu Kal . (Rahu Kal is very auspicious) They Charge around Rs.1000
4. or Visit Sree Nagaraja kshethra, in Mannarasala, Alapuza District, Kerala.and do sarpa shanti Pooja

1. Perform the Nagam/Sarpam dosham pooja in auspicious dates only Other wise Pooja will not be Effective/fruitful, Avoid doing pooja during Dashami, fasting days like Ekadashi, Ashtami, during grahana (solar/Lunar eclipse), Gokulashtami, Shivarathri etc.
2. Don’t perform pooja nearer to monthly date for girl/woman. Otherwise dosha will not be removed. Give at least 6-8 days gap to conduct the pooja. Don’t Enter any Naga Temple, if you have monthly Date for women/Girls.
3. Whole family including Grand parents, father, mother, children etc needs to present for Sarpam dosham Parihara Pooja. But in Kukke Subrahmanya, they allow only 4 Persons.
4. Perform Sarpam dosham Parihara Pooja during Shasti, an important day for Lord Subramanya (Lord Karthikeyan) , He is the lord of all snakes and serpents. It usually falls on 6th day after Amavasya & Purnima/ Poornima in every month. The dates of Shasti for the year  are as follows, April 20th, May 4th, May 19th, June 3rd, June17th ,July 2nd, July 17th, Aug 1st, Aug 15th , Aug 31st, Sept 13th , Sept 29th, Oct 13th , Oct 29th, Nov 12th, Nov 27th, Dec 11th, Dec 26th 
5. After Conceiving, don’t visit any Nagam Temple, You can visit any of these temples after birth of the child only. As per vedic texts, the child in the womb will have negative affects.  Pregnant Women should not Visit any of Naga Temple.
6. After conducting Sarpam dosham Parihara Pooja in Kukke Subrahmanya/ Tirunageswaram/Kalahasti etc, Go  home & have bath, don’t visit any temple like Tirupathi when you visit Kalahasti or Dharmastala, when you visit Kukke Subrahmanya.
7. If you are performing Pooja in Morning hours, Don’t have any food i,e Breakfast. You can eat only after Pooja is done.
8. Don’t do Sastanga Namaskar ( Where your forehead, chest, hands, knees and legs  will be touching the ground ) in any Nagamm Temple.
9. Don’t Perform Nagam dosham parihara Pooja( Sarpasamskara Pooja) at home, It should be done in above listed Temple only.